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The Cultural Center Antiqua Marca Firmana received as a gift in the second half of August 1993 the idea of an International Violin Competition ... and entitled to the luthier from Fermo "Andrea Postacchini" organizes it since 1994 every year in the month of May in the City of Fermo (Marche - Italy).

The project arose in the mind of the brilliant creator for his desire to give life to an international competition in the framework of a sumptuous scenography which, completed by a magnificent choreography, ... could present the stage of the City of Fermo to the world, and satisfy the love for the hometown and his Spouse.

The New Edition is detailed below:

Fill out the online registration form for the Andrea Postacchini International Violin Competition and pay the fees corresponding to your category and, if you request it, for the accompanying pianist.

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