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logo ccamf AMF•ETS - Third Sector Organization
  • Founded in 1993, it has the aim of promoting cultural events, at national and international level, with the purpose of achieving a still better understanding of human, artistic and scientific issues; it is also designed as a moment of aggregation and exchange of ideas finalized to enhance national and international talents from Fermo and its territory.
  • In pursuit of its objectives the ASSOCIATION aims to establish relations with public and private bodies, cultural and artistic associations, with people at schools - in the broadest sense - and tourist organizations, and to develop relationships with other similar Italian and foreign associations, it is a NON-PROFIT organism.
  • The Association has received as a gift in August 1993 the idea of an International Violin Competition … entitled to the lute-maker from Fermo "Andrea Postacchini" (Fermo, 30th November 1781 / 3rd February 1862), it is organized every year since 1994 in the month of May in the City of Fermo (Marche / Italy); due to the covid 19 pandemic in the world, the competition tests of EDITIONS XXVII of 2020, XXVIII of 2021 and XXIX of 2022 have been canceled.
  • The Association, with Decree of the Director of the Regional Office of the Single National Register of the Third Sector n. 546 of 29 December 2022, is registered as AMF-ETS in the RUNTS (Register Single National Third Sector).
  • The denominations “Antiqua Marca Firmana®” and “Concorso Violinistico "Andrea Postacchini"®”, as well as their respective logos, are registered as national trademarks and since May 2021 the “Festival Andrea Postacchini®” is a EU trademark.
  • Organizations, companies, associations, private enterprises, public and private legal persons, Italian and foreign, can freely contribute to the pursuit of the social purpose, to stabilize the violin competition as well as to new projects to be developed.
  • Services and many of the photos on this website are by Mr. Fabrizio Zeppilli.
  • The ANTIQUA MARCA FIRMANA Cultural Centre takes this opportunity to thank its SUPPORTERS and all COLLABORATORS.

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Payment of membership fees

The Antiqua Marca Firmana Cultural Center thanks you in advance and states that all expenses and commissions are to be charged to the payer, below are the possibilities for paying your membership fee:

  • pay now by credit card or PayPal. The relevant receipt will be sent to your postal address or in pdf to the e-mail address.
  • pay by bank transfer to the coordinates:
    Antiqua Marca Firmana Cultural Centre
    IBAN: IT53H 06150 69450 CC001 10068 82
    Account number: CC0011006882
    Bank: Cassa di Risparmio di Fermo SpA - via Don Ernesto Ricci, 1 - 63900 Fermo (FM)
    Description: payment of membership fee.
    The relevant receipt will be sent to your postal address or in pdf to your e-mail address.
  • pay in cash: contact the Treasurer by phone +39-0734-224137 or by mobile +39-339-6641902 to arrange a meeting.

If you have any doubts or requests for information, do not hesitate to contact us…

  • Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Roberto Perticarà, mobile 339.6641902, e-mail: info@ccamf.org.