Festival Andrea Postacchini

Andrea Postacchini

Fermo 1781 – 1862

…called in life the Angel of the violin and after his death the Stradivarius of the Marche

– we await news from the world about the luthier from Fermo –

In the second half of August 1993 the project for an International Violin Competition, donated to the Cultural Center by its creator, was made up of still fundamental milestones:broad internationality, fairness of judgment, administrative seriousness, maximum respect and kindness towards guests, a range of titles to choose from (such as "City of Fermo" or "of Marche Region" or "of Central Italy"), some basic peculiarities (division of competitors into categories, the absolute winner for each edition, etc.) and other useful elements for the realization.

Then the presence at our headquarters of the pianist and musicologist Chiara Virgili, in the autumn of the same year, who, after the idea was presented to her at the end of a piano afternoon, exclaimed aloud and with great emphasis: " But you have in Fermo a person of great historical prestige, the luthier ANDREA POSTACCHINI!!!! ... so, to whom, if not to him, for dedicating a violin competition!?!"… and the title was immediately defined: “Andrea Postacchini” International Violin Competition.

From that moment on, the luthier from Fermo embodies the artistic-musical activity of the Cultural Center which still today promotes the name of Andrea Postacchini, his city and its territory more and more in the world in order to collect news, documents, photos of instruments and whatever else refers to the illustrious citizen.

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